What you need to get started


Hi CC Foundations/Essentials Families! Please note that the first day of class is Monday, September 9th (the first monday after Labor Day).

Here are the basic books/tools necessary to start CC:

  • Foundations guide (4th edition)
  • Timeline History cards (all 4 packs)
  • Tin Whistle
  • Audio CD Cycle 2 updated version

Recommended but not essential:

  • Cycle 2 Memory Master Flash cards
  • Geography laminated table


CC Connected online ($6/month) — This gives you access to files that contain the same info as on the Audio CD, plus weekly memory work in an interactive format for all subjects, plus ideas/planning/extra visuals that other parents and tutors have put on the site.

Essentials Supplies:

  • Medieval History Student book (do not need tutor book)
  • EEL Essentials of English Language packet
  • 2 inch ring binder
  • IEW syllabus and DVD (required 10-12 hours of video, try to watch before first day of class). If you already have this, let me know. We will try to set up a lending library to loan it out to families that don’t have it. Suggested $5-10 donation to person you borrow it from.

Looking forward to this year!


P.S. All materials can be ordered through the CC Bookstore: http://www.classicalconversationsbooks.com


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