Make your own rocket at Home!

We will be launching rockets again next week. For those of you who haven’t launched your rockets, your tutors have them and you will launch next lunch. Anyone whose rocket didn’t work, or if you were absent, here are the instructions to try making one at home.


***This is more of an Observation Science experiment as opposed to one that exactly follows the scientific method.
Goal: Make the rocket, help kids understand parts of the rocket and their purpose, and have fun with science.
  • The base of the rocket is a piece of construction paper rolled lengthwise.  (Approximately 3/4 inch in diameter). Attach with tape. Decorate with markers/stickers.
  • Top cone: Cut out 5 inch diameter circles, cut in half. Each student gets 1/2 a circle to roll into a cone. Hold the flat part up and take the two corners and fold them in until they touch, a cone will have formed at the top. Now stick your finger in and roll the cone tighter until the base matches the size of the rocket base. Tape to seal the cone. Stuff with napkins. use a pencil to stuff the napkins in the cone.
  • Attach cone to base with tape.
  • Attach fins. There will be 4 fins at the base of each rocket. Use a paper plate (sturdier material). Cut out a tear drop looking pattern, about 1 3/4 wide at the thickest part, cut in half lengthwise with the tip of the teardrop at the top and the widest part at the bottom. Each half is a fin. Cut out fins, attach with tape at the base of the rocket, equally spaced with the fat part of the fin at the bottom.
  • Cover whole thing in tape just to reinforce it. Regular tape should work, but packing tape or duct tape will work  to do one long reinforcement strip at the end.
Results: At lunch, we will launch the rockets.  Alisia’s, Shawna’s, Nancy’s and Angela’s classes will go next week.

Conclusion: Talk about the purpose of the fins. Talk about why you stuffed the cone with paper (center of mass/center of pressure)

This is a link to info on rockets:  I’ve cut and pasted a section of it in the following file. 

Stomp rocket launcher on amazon (@$15):


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