Trial Run Memory Master schedule

Trial-run Memory Masters Schedule:

Week 10: For those of you (and I’d encourage everyone to do this) dong the trial run Memory Masters, start this week with a first run of all the subjects (look at the proofing sheets in the back of your foundations guide).  Ideally, you would try the first proof this week (no more than 3 mistakes per subject),

Week 11: Second proof with one parent (no more than 1 mistake per subject)

Week 12: Tutor proof with Mrs. Ziman (no mistakes)



2 thoughts on “Trial Run Memory Master schedule

  1. Kari, For children participating in memory masters….is there any recognition given to them, or award, or certificate?

    • For the Trial Run in December, I’ll have a couple of small little prizes for getting all the way to the Director.
      For the Real Memory Masters in April… all successful Memory Masters (who achieve going through all 3 proofs and meeting with me, the Director and not making any mistakes) will receive a certificate and a Memory Master Tshirt. Any student who makes it through all 3 proofs and meets with the Director will also get a small prize, whether they pass the proof with me or not. It’s a lot of work, so we want to reward that!

      For Bible Memory Master, there is a certificate but no Tshirt.
      Let me know if you have any other questions!

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