Presentations Week 13-18

Memorized Great Speeches!

If it is too long, you may cut and paste to make it doable for your child. I have a copy of the “I have a Dream” speech by MLK, for instance (which was over 3 hours) cut down so that a younger person could do it. Also, talk to parents from last year of what their kids did to get ideas. BIG REMINDER… again, with presentations, the point is NOT length but SKILLS. So if it is too long, please only do a selection. The general rule is that every presentation should be 3 minutes or shorter.  Use a timer if necessary. Also, it is okay to memorize a section at a time and then put it all together at Week 18.


The Gettysburg Address, by Abraham Lincoln, illustrated by Michael McCurdy

“I Have a Dream”, by Martin Luther King

America’s Words of Freedom, Speeches, Documents and Writings that Moved Our Country, Ideals Publications

Includes: “The Mayflower Compact,” Patrick Henry’s “Speech to the Second VA Convention”, “Declaration of Independence,” Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” (a selection), George Washington’s “Farewell Address,” Lincoln’s “A House Divided,” Frederick Douglass’s “Independence Day Speech,” Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation” and “Gettysburg Address,” Ulysses S. Grant’s “The Surrender of General Robert E. Lee,” Chief Seattle, “The Oration,” Sojourner Truth’s “Address to the Ohio Women’s Rights Convention,” Susan B. Anthony, “Is It A Crime to Vote,” JFK’s “Inaugural Address,” MLK’s (excerpt) “I Have a Dream,” Wilson’s “Declaration of War Against Germany,” FDR’s “First Inaugural Address,” FDR’s “Four Freedoms Speech,” FDR’s “Declaration of War Against Japan,” Judge Learned Hand, “Spirit of Liberty,” JFK “A Speech to Congress,” and some speeches by Reagan and Bush too.  GREAT SELECTION

This link includes speeches from Winston Churchill and some other men from other countries:

Please post any links or speeches that you think would be helpful!


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