Presentations Week 19-24

Presentations for weeks 19-24: This will be a 3 part speech. Students can pick any topic that they are interested in.  The key components we will be working on is similar to the way a Pastor would design his sermon. Your tutors will email you details in how to do this. Keep it SIMPLE. The goal is not to have a LONG speech, but to get your topic sentence and 3 main points across clearly. You will know you have achieved this goal if you can listen to someone’s presentation and repeat back to them what the main point (Ex. The Bible is our instruction book for how to live life) was and the 3 supporting ideas (Ex. In the Bible we are shown how to 1. Love God, 2. Grow Together, 3. Reach the World). Sometimes starting your 3 supporting points with the same letter is helpful because people remember it better. (Ex. Dogs are the best animals in the world because they model God’s love for us. 3 main points: Dogs Love unconditionally, Dogs are Loyal, Dogs Live Joyously). 



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