Foundations/Essentials Supplies

Hi CC Foundations/Essentials Families!

Foundations Supplies: here are the basic books/tools necessary  to start CC
Foundations guide (4th edition)
Timeline History cards (all 4 packs)
Tin Whistle
Audio CD Cycle 3 updated version
Recommended but not essential:
Cycle 3 Memory Master Flash cards
Geography laminated table
Optional: CC Connected online ($6/month) — access to files that contain the same info as on the Audio CD, plus weekly memory work in an interactive format for all subjects, plus ideas/planning/extra visuals that other parents and tutors have put on the site.
Essentials Supplies:
US History Student book (do not need tutor book)
EEL Essentials of English Language packet
2 inch binder
IEW syllabus and DVD (required 10-12 hours of video, try to watch before first day of class). If you already have this, let me know. We have a lending library to loan it out to families that don’t have it.
First day of class is Monday, September 8th (the first monday after Labor Day). 
Looking forward to this year!
ps. All materials can be ordered through on the bookstore tab.

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