Cycle 3 New Grammar Videos for Review

Cycle 3:

English Grammar: Remolereels Weeks 1-12 and Weeks 13-24, Missy Wilson weeks 1-12


Science – Do a search for Remolereels on Youtube. The first week is posted here. This family has posted videos with songs for all the science cycle 3. Missy Wilson weeks 13-24

GeographyMissy Wilson weeks 1-24, or Remolereels weeks 11-16 (do a search for weeks 12-16),

Cycle 2:

This is some of the subject Grammar memory work put to song with some still picture videos for all 24 weeks. It may not be the tune/chant your tutor uses but its a great resource for review. ALWAYS double check with your foundations guide to make sure you have the correct wording. Memory Masters will test according to the 4th edition Foundations guide. 


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