Science, History, Geography Links

Reminder: At CC we are introducing science experiments/techniques/observational studies to engage the students’ minds and curiosity.  I strongly encourage you to pursue any of the experiments we’ve done if your children seemed interested… even if it didn’t work out perfectly at CC, practice makes perfect (or at least better).

Cycle 3: I will post as the year progresses. First semester science is Biology and Anatomy, Second semester is Chemistry and Statistics. Geography is the US. History is US History.


Cycle 2: Week 13 and 15: Sound waves; Glass bottle Music:

Week 14: Conductors and Surface Tension

Week 12: Constellations — Related Websites and Books:

Week 11: Balloon Rockets 
  • Basic concept: Newton’s laws of motion… For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction (week 18). You can also talk about Week 15 –  2 forms of energy Kinetic and Potential, or touch on the size of the balloon, the acceleration with which it moves is greater or less depending on the amount of air blowing out (force) F=ma

Week 9 and 10: Planets

Week 8: Sun Kits:

Week 7: Rockets (check out the earlier post on “Make your own rocket at home”

Science Week 5: the earth-moon system barycenter and our expanding universe.  Sometimes science experiments are harder to comprehend and try and encourage your kids to just have fun with the mechanics of the experiment.  I think it’s amazing that our God, a God of relationships, even created the earth and moon to be in a “relationship” of sorts, a “system” that is exactly callibrated to revolve around the sun, and that orbit’s proximity to the sun allows our earth, and only our earth, to sustain life. AMAZING!  Also, the first words of the Bible are, “In the beginning, God said…”, a spoken voice, a sound. Scientists have now proven that the universe as we know it is expanding (like the dots on our balloon) as a “sound wave”. CRAZY! and AWESOME!

Week 2: Science experiment

If anyone finds other great visuals to explain concepts we go over in science, please email Kari. I’ll preview and then add the link here.


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